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Deadlock: VALORANT’s Wire-Wielding Sentinel Agent Emerges, Dominating with Zone Control and Crowd Control Abilities


Deadlock, VALORANT’s latest addition to its agent roster, is set to revolutionize the sentinel role with her wire-wielding abilities. Armed with a formidable arsenal of zone control and crowd control tools, Deadlock is ready to lock down sites and ensnare her enemies. In addition to her powerful abilities, she will be introduced alongside VALORANT Episode 7, Act One, promising a wealth of new content and thrilling gameplay.

Let’s delve into the abilities of Deadlock and explore how she can manipulate the battlefield to her advantage.

GravNet (C):

Deadlock wields the power of the GravNet grenade, capable of precise throws or strategic underhand lobbing. Upon detonation, the GravNet forces any enemies caught within its radius to crouch and move slowly. This ability proves invaluable for stalling incoming rushes onto a site, as it hampers enemy movement and makes them easy targets for Deadlock and her team. Alternatively, it can deter adversaries, providing an opportunity for strategic repositioning and rotation.

Sonic Sensor (Q):

Equipped with a Sonic Sensor, Deadlock can deploy it to monitor an area for enemy sounds. When the Sonic Sensor detects footsteps, weapons fire, or any significant auditory disturbance, it triggers a concussive effect within the designated area. This trap is particularly effective in high-traffic chokepoints or when defending a site against a retake. By concussing opponents, Deadlock forces them to adopt a slower approach or utilize preemptive abilities to avoid the powerful concussion blast.

Barrier Mesh (E):

Possibly the cornerstone of Deadlock’s kit, the Barrier Mesh disc is thrown forward upon activation. Upon landing, the disc generates barriers that block character movement. While these walls do not obstruct vision or cause damage, they effectively halt enemy movement, making it an ideal tool for shutting down rushes onto sites. Moreover, the orbs that anchor the walls are resilient, requiring a significant amount of bullets to be destroyed. This grants Deadlock the element of surprise, catching opponents off guard while they attempt to dismantle the barrier.

Annihilation (X):

Deadlock’s ultimate ability is the Nanowire Accelerator, which unleashes a pulse of nanowires to capture the first enemy it contacts. The cocooned enemy is then pulled along a nanowire path and will meet their demise if they reach the end, unless they are freed. While the cocoon can be destroyed, Deadlock can employ her ultimate in various scenarios to gain a significant advantage. In a one-versus-two situation, she can cocoon one enemy, forcing the remaining player to make a difficult choice: engage in a one-on-one battle or risk freeing their teammate and potentially being picked off. During a five-versus-five encounter, Deadlock can use her ultimate to distract opponents, compelling them to free their teammate and creating opportunities for her allies to strike. In a one-versus-one retake situation, Deadlock can skillfully bounce Annihilation off a wall onto the defuser, holding the spike plant and applying pressure.

Deadlock’s abilities showcase her prowess in zone control, crowd control, and manipulation of enemy movements. With her strategic deployment of GravNet, Sonic Sensor, and Barrier Mesh, she can secure and defend sites with finesse. Her Annihilation ultimate adds an element of surprise and disruption, forcing opponents to make difficult choices or face the consequences.

As Deadlock joins the VALORANT roster in Episode 7, Act One, players can anticipate an exciting gameplay experience filled with thrilling wire-wielding action. Whether it’s stifling enemy advances or setting up strategic traps, Deadlock is poised to leave her mark on the battlefield. Get ready to embrace her abilities and master the art of sentinel play with this formidable new agent.

Deadlock Official Gameplay Reveal by VALORANT

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