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Twitter’s Verified Account @verified Stops Following Anyone, Raises Questions Over the Fate of Legacy Users

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Twitter's Verified Account @verified Stops Following Anyone, Raises Questions Over the Fate of Legacy Users

Twitter’s verified account, @verified, which has been a hallmark of the platform since its launch in 2009, is no longer following any users. The move has sparked speculation that the verification program may be winding down.

@verified Unfollows All Users

Previously, @verified followed thousands of accounts, including celebrities, politicians, and journalists, but its following count recently dropped to zero.

twitter verified 0 following screenshot

Twitter’s verification program, which grants blue checkmarks to accounts that meet specific criteria, was designed to help users distinguish between authentic accounts and fake ones. Over the years, the program has faced criticism for its lack of transparency and inconsistent application.

Twitter suspended the verification program in 2017 to address these concerns, but it relaunched in 2021 with new guidelines and a revamped application process. However, the company has not confirmed whether the @verified account will continue to play a role in the verification process.

The move to unfollow all users on @verified has raised questions about the future of legacy users who were verified before the new guidelines were implemented. Some users have expressed concern that their verified status could be revoked, while others have speculated that Twitter may be phasing out the program altogether.

Twitter has not commented on the significance of @verified’s decision to unfollow all users, but the move is seen by many as a sign that the company may be rethinking its approach to verification.

As of now, it remains unclear what Twitter’s plans are for the verification program and legacy users. However, the social media platform has stated that it will continue to improve its verification process and make it more transparent for users.

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