nothing phone 1 android 13 open beta program

The launch of the Nothing Phone 1 was recognized and hyped up. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique phones to be released in recent years, with a unique design that is mostly down to that eye-catching LED-laced back. The Phone 1, however, fell far behind competing Samsung and Google smartphones since there was no sign of the Android 13 update. With the launch of the Android 13 open beta for the Nothing Phone 1 next month, the company is thankfully finally catching up.

The Nothing Phone 1 may have many positive qualities, including a clean UI and respectable performance, but it isn’t exactly winning any awards for software support. The only phone in Nothing’s lineup, it won’t receive an Android 13 upgrade until the first half of 2023. Although the company has given itself a very big opening, it is at least on schedule to make it there.

The CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, announced on Twitter that the Phone 1 will begin receiving the Android 13 closed beta today (November 30). Currently, it is unknown how users can join this exclusive group of testers. But in two weeks, people who are interested can sign up for the upcoming Android 13 open beta for the Nothing Phone 1. Again, the company hasn’t stated a specific timeframe for user registration, but we’ll keep an eye out for more information.

Register for Nothing Phone (1) Android 13 Open Beta

We have given the link for Nothing Phone (1) Android 13 open beta program down below:

Just tap on the link and proceed to fill the form.

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