disable google dialer call recording announcement

As we are aware, Google has been pushing its Google Dialer onto every Android smartphone in the market. By default, you will get a Google dialer on your smartphone, and when you make a call from it, if you want to record that call, it will make the announcement, “This call has been recorded,” which is not good for some users.

Even on Nothing phone (1), it has such a call recording announcement when you call someone and want to record that call. Because the Google Dialer app comes pre-installed on Nothing Phone 1. If you make a call to someone he/she will hear the call recording announcement if you try to record the call. Basically, Google is been forcing this on all the smartphones in the industry.

Disable Google Dialer Call Recording Announcement in Nothing Phone (1)

So I have brought you a method to solve this problem with your Nothing Phone (1). To disable this announcement you have just installed one application and made some changes in your phone settings.

Note: This process will delete your call history and contacts from your smartphone. So take a backup before doing the such process. If you have synced your contact Google account then there is no need to worry about deletion you will get your contacts back.

Step by Step process for disabling Google Dialer Call Recording Announcement

  • Download TTSLexx app
  • Install the app
  • Go to Settings & Search for Text to Speech
  • Change preferred engine from Speech Services by Google to TTSLexx
  • Now Clear Data of Google phone dialer
  • Done

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