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Youtube Launched New Feature called Handles for Creators

youtube handle

For many creators, YouTube provides their community and base of operations and a place to upload and comment on videos. That’s why Youtube is launching handles today, a brand-new method for users to discover and interact with YouTube creators and one another. Every channel will have a unique handle, making it simpler for fans to find content and communicate with their favourite creators.

Youtube announced its new feature called ‘Handles’ on its official blog.

Youtube Handle New Upcoming Feature for Creators

Channel pages and Shorts will display handles, making them easily and consistently recognizable. Soon, mentioning one another in comments, community posts, video descriptions, and other places will be easier and quicker. For instance, a shout-out in a comment or tagging in the name of a recent collaboration can help creators gain more exposure and reach out to new audiences. Channel names and handles are both ways to recognise a YouTube channel, but handles are unique to each channel, allowing artists further to build their presence and identity on the platform.

youtube handle shorts
Youtube handle in shorts to tag creators

Youtube will let creators know when they can select a handle for their channel throughout the following month. Most of the time, if a channel already has a customized URL, that will become their default handle. However, they can choose to change their channel’s handle as soon as they receive the notification in YouTube Studio. YouTube introduces handles gradually since each YouTube channel will have one, and handles must be unique. The number of subscribers a channel has, its overall YouTube presence, and whether it is active or not all affect when a creator has access to the handles selection process.

To make it simple for creators to connect viewers to their content when they aren’t on YouTube, we’ll establish a similar URL (ex: when they choose their handle. If a channel already has a customized URL, there is no need to update links because they will be automatically redirected to the new, handle-based URL to give creators on YouTube a better, more consistent presence.

What is Youtube handle?

Every YouTube channel will have a handle, such as @youtubecreators, which is a new and unique identifier. People will be able to find you and your YouTube channel thanks to your unique @handle. Additionally, since handles are unique (unlike channel names), it is simple to determine if you are interacting with the correct person or not.

How many subscribers are YouTube Handle?

All channels are eligible for Youtube handles, but there is a condition for it where you need to be active on Youtube.

How to choose a Youtube handle?

You can choose your handle by going to once you’ve been informed (by email & in YouTube Studio) that it’s time. By November 14th, if you haven’t decided on a handle, Youtube will start assigning them depending on your channel name. If you choose to change your handle, you can do so at

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