How to Transfer Nothing Black Dot NFT to Wallet & verify on Nothing Discord Server

Nothing technology startup have announed the Nothing Community Dot NFT. The NFT is essentially a video that features a transparent rotating cube. A black sphere inside the cube makes noise when it bounces off the surfaces of the walls. There are some intriguing patterns in the light reflection when the cube rotates. 

nothing black dot nft transfer to wallet

The Nothing Community Dots NFT is now listed on OpenSea, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces. According to OpenSea, the NFT is currently available for 0.06 ETH, or around Rs. 8,000.

Steps to claim Nothing Black Dot NFT

I am sharing the steps in detail again for everyone who wants to get the Dot verification. (For Flipkart FireDrops)

1. Download  Metamask from PlayStore.

2. First, create an account in Metamask by following the instruction on the Metamask app.

3. Once the account creation and you logged in, change the wallet network to Polygon Mainnet.

4. Copy the public wallet address.

5. Now, open this link from your mobile to access NFT in Flipkart app. or (for iOS)

6. On Flipkart FireDrops, go to My Vault.

7. Select Transfer NFT, select the NFT you have, and on the next screen, it will ask you to provide your wallet address, use the same address you copied earlier.

8. It's time to wait till the transfer is complete, max 24 hours. There will be no notification, you have to check your Flipkart FireDrops vault, eventually, it will be empty.

9. Install the Metamak extension (on desktop or laptop) in your browser (Chrome or Edge), and log on to it.

10. Open and use Metamask to connect your wallet.

11. In, select your profile, under more, click Hidden.

12. Here your will see your Nothing Black DOT NFT, unhide it. and select it.

13. on opening it, on the left-hand side at the bottom of the screen, you will see Contract Address in a blue hyperlink, click it.

14. it will open the link in, and copy the Contract Address from there.

13. Now, in your mobile Metamask mobile app, select the NFT tab and click Import NFT.

14. Paste Contract Address on the first box and "1" in the second box, and click import.

15. After some time, you will see the NFT in your wallet.

16. If you want to verify your Dot, open this link and initiate the verification process. (on desktop or laptop)

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