Google Drive has gotten a new feature that will be really useful if you use the platform on a desktop. Google has added support for keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to copy and paste text more effortlessly and manage your files more efficiently. Details can be found here.

google drive copy paste shortcut enabled

Google Drive now allows you to copy and paste content

When using Google Drive on your PC, you can now use the keyboard keys “Ctrl + C,” “Ctrl + V,” and “Ctrl + X.” On a Mac, you can copy with ” + C,” paste with ” + V,” and trim with ” + X.”
This allows you to easily choose several files and send them to different locations without having to go through a multi-step process with the mouse. These keyboard shortcuts can be used to move files between folders in Google Drive or between several tabs in Google Chrome.
Google has also announced that when you copy a Drive file, the link and title of the file will be copied as well, allowing you to quickly paste them into a document or email if necessary. You can see how this feature works in the gif below.
google drive shortcut
Google Drive will also support the shortcuts “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + Shift + V,” which will allow you to build shortcuts within the Drive to avoid file duplication. This will help you free up Google Drive space, which is limited if you don’t have a Google One subscription plan.
Another keyboard shortcut will be “Ctrl+Enter,” which will allow you to open new files and folders in a new tab. This feature will come in handy if you need to access many directories and files at the same time, or if you need to handle data in separate folder locations using different tabs.
Starting June 1, all users and Google Workspace clients will be able to use keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive.
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