Truke BTG3 One Side Not Working Problem Fix (Earbuds)

You might have faced issues like one side of your Bluetooth earbuds getting disconnected. For that, you need to reset the earbuds and reconnect them. 

turke btg3 earbuds fix

Truke BTG3 One Side Not Working Problem Fix

If your both earbuds goes into mono mode and wasn't pairing with each other

How to Reset Truke Earbuds One Side not working

It seems your fit 1/2 earphones are connecting in mono mode , to switch to stereo mode follow the below process.

  1. Turn off mobiles bluetooth.
  2. Turn off both earbuds by pressing earphones button for 3-4 seconds.
  3. Place both earbuds in charging case and turn on the charging case. Both device must show charging LED.
  4. Take out both earbuds at same time from charging case.
  5. Press button on left earbud for 4 times. (Update (19 May 2022): You can try tapping on right earbud)
  6. Turn on phones bluetooth and select the truke BTG 3.
  7. Both earbuds will be connected.

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