Smartphone Market Share in India March 2022

Every day new smartphones are being launched in the smartphone market and due to this, the competition in this field has become quite complicated. Talking about the market share of smartphones in India, it is always changing, the major brands of the Indian smartphone market are Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, Vivo, and Oppo, apart from this, the share of Apple is also gradually increasing in the Indian smartphone market.

smartphone share market 2022

According to Statcounter report, the smartphone market share in the month of March 2022, then Xiaomi has again emerged as the number one brand and it has captured 26.42% of the total market, Samsung is the second number which has captured 17.49 percent of the market. Vivo has confirmed the third position with 15.05%, Realme has secured the fourth position with 12.05% and Oppo is confirmed its place at number five with 11.51% market share.

Smartphone share in Indian Market

Sr.No. Company Percentage
1 Xiaomi 26.42%
2 Samsung 17.49%
3 Vivo 15.05%
4 Realme 12.05%
5 Oppo 11.51%
6 Apple 3.95%

Due to a lot of competition in the smartphone market of India, this list keeps on seeing ups and downs many times.

Source: Statcounter

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