Samsung Adds New Features To Their Internet Browser

South Korean tech giant Samsung released the latest update for the Internet Browser APK a few days back. We have already told you about the latest update and all of its specifications. But now Samsung has added a bunch of new features to that. We are going to discuss that in a detailed way below

Samsung added the Tab Group feature to enhance the browsing experience and make Samsung Internet more user-friendly. Now you can group tabs and also rename, share, remove and reorder tab groups. You will be able to organize and manage your tabs more efficiently as well.

samsung internet browser feature

Samsung also added the Enhanced dark mode where you can see Samsung Internet in dark mode irrespective of the mode (light/dark) of your mobile phone. You can also control the amount of text brightness in dark mode.

They also added the Link decoration tracking protection, Drag and drop feature, Secret Downloading for Secret Mode to make your overall experience better.

samsung internet browser new tab feature.jpg

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