TTSLexx apk for Disable Google dialer Call recording Announcement

Along with the launch of Oneplus 8T, Oneplus started to include a few google applications like Google Dialer & Google Messaging app as default communication applications on Oneplus phones. Oneplus Nord lineup also comes with the same application preinstalled.

disable google dialer announcment
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Not everyone like the Google Dialer & Google Messaging app which also have some drawbacks for eg: IVR being played while recordings call, Though it’s a good implementation keeping privacy in mind.

Google Dialer - Disable Call Recording Announcement

Here is a method by which Call recording pre-announcement can be disabled using a simple apk called TTSLexx from the play store. Note: Take backup of previous recording & Call history. If you guys prefer safety & privacy Ignore this method.

Guide to disable Call recording pre-announcement on Goolge Dialer

  1. Download TTSLexx app: Download
  2. Install the app
  3. Go to Setting & Search for Text to Speech
  4. Change preferred engine from Speech Services by Google to TTSLexx
  5. Now Clear Data of Google phone dialer 
  6. Enjoy Call recording without pre-announcement 

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