Google fixes the issue with contactless payment after the March update for Pixel users

Google announced in a statement recently, that Pay should again operate on all Pixel phones affected by the recent issue.

google contactless payment

Some Pixel smartphones were uncertified after installing the Android 12L March Feature Drop and security patch, meaning thus can no longer perform contactless (NFC) transactions with Google Pay. This was a major issue, but thanks to Google, it has been resolved now.

Google says contactless payment ‘issue has now been fixed‘ on Pixel phones

In a statement, Google addressed its Pixel users regarding the payment issue.

“We are aware that some Pixel users had been experiencing an issue where they were unable to make contactless payments using Google Pay following a recent update. This issue has now been fixed and all users should be able to continue using Google Pay to tap and pay wherever contactless payments are accepted”

– Google Spokesperson

Previously, this problem appeared to be occurring at random after installing the newest Pixel update, however, it does not appear to occur immediately and may take a few days to manifest. When this happened users received a message that stated “Your phone does not match software standards.”

So far, Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and 5 users have reported running the official March release without any device adjustments (e.g. unlocked bootloader). The problem was certainly with Google and SafetyNet, which is generally just an issue during the early stages of developer previews.

Source: 9to5Google

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