PUBG: New State has received a brand new February update, which has led to the introduction of a slew of exciting features and game modes. the foremost prominent addition may be a new round-based Deathmatch mode. The update also brings in new weapons, Survivor Pass Vol. 4, and more. Here’s a glance at the small print.

new state mobile february update

New State Mobile February Update: What’s New?

The new Round Deathmatch mode (RDM) could be a 4 vs 4 mode, which can occur within the first RDM map called Arena. A team will need to win 4 out of the 7 rounds to win the sport. Unlike in other deathmatch modes, players won’t respawn once they die within the RDM mode. The mode sees the 2 teams on different corners of the map, opposite one another. The playzone is restricted from the beginning and present round the care package drop.

Moreover, “Round Deathmatch has the identical default weapon presets as Team Deathmatch,” says the patch notes. you’ll be able to pick a loadout of your choice each round, and you’ll get 1 grenade, 1 smoke bomb, and 1 flash grenade when. Krafton seems to possess taken inspiration from the Arenas mode in Apex Legends, which works precisely the same way. This PUBG New State mode arrives within the wake of the announcement of the Apex Legends Mobile soft launch, which should happen anytime soon. If you’re interested, learn the way to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile outside soft launch countries right here.

The update also brings in two new weapons – MP5K and Crossbow. the previous could be a 9mm-based SMG, which might support variety of attachments, while the latter may be a silent and long-range weapon that’s also available as a field come by the Troi and Erangel 2052 maps.

Various new weapon customizations have also been introduced within the latest PUBG New State update. for example, the M249 weapon can now be customized with a replacement shield attachment. Although, this leads to a rather slower ADS time.

The Survivor Pass Vol. 4 will now allow users to earn in-app rewards with the new Survivor Pass. it’ll see the players complete a series of faction-themed missions (based on the Doug Bikerway of the Mayhem biker gan). Players who are able to complete the mission will get the Doug Bikerway skin.

Additionally, the New State February update has introduced new Clan System Adjustments. With this update, the recommended clans will now specialise in the Clan Master’s nationality, so clans with common nationality can match along with ease. A Clan Master may also choose an emblem using various colors and symbols and therefore the same will appear on the “recommended clan page” and even on the clan member’s profile pages. you’ll sit down with the patch notes to understand more about the PUBG New State update.

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