BGIS 2021 Quarterfinals Day 1: Overall Points Table, Top 6 qualifies for Semifinals

 The Quarterfinals of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021 commenced today. Sixteen teams competed in six matches to determine the top six that would advance to the Semifinals.

bgis quaterfinals day 1

Hyderabad Hydras topped the overall points standings with 53 kills and 99 points. They were aggressive from the first game, which showed in their overall points. 7Sea Esports, led by ex-Godlike player Aladin, had a slow start to the event but came back to claim the second spot with 94 points. Underdog team Old Hood Esp secured third place by winning two chicken dinners, while another underdog team, Only Glitch, came fourth without any chicken dinner.

Team Forever, led by star player Owais, started the day well but couldn't maintain their performance and finished ninth. Another popular team Global Esports also had a horror of a day as they came 12th. The elimination of both of these experienced teams illustrates the high level of competition in the tournament.

Qualified teams for the BGIS Semifinals:

1. Hyderabad Hydras

2. 7 Sea Esports

3. Old Hood Esp

4. Only Glitch

5. Revenant Esports


BGIS 2021 Quarterfinals Day 1 Group 3 match standings

bgis 2021 quaterfinals day 1 points table

Old Hood Esp won the first and fourth matches of the day with 13 and seven frags, respectively. The points earned in these two matches propelled their chances of qualification.

The day's second match, played on the desert map of Miramar, was won by Revenant Esports with 12 kills. However, it was Hyderabad Hydras who topped the match standings by securing a whopping 16 finishes, where Manty alone took nine kills.

bgis quaterfinals overall standings day 1

Mega Force Esports won the day's third match with 11 kills. They were followed by 7Sea Esports and Hyderabad Hydras with 14 and 10 frags each. Despite the win, Mega Force finished in eighth place in the points table.

Hyderabad Hydras won the fifth match of the day with 12 finishes. 2OP Esports and 7Sea Esports followed them in second and third place with 12 and five finishes each.

7Sea Esports won the sixth and final match of the group with 18 kills, where Sarang took eight kills and was named MVP. Global Esports came second with eight kills, while Only Glitch came third.

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