The Umbrella Academy season 3 release date: 2022

What we know so far about The Umbrella Academy Season 3

The Umbrella Academy season 3's release isn't too far-flung now. Well, we're certainly hoping so, anyway. The following instalment in Netflix's adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's comics is going to arrive in 2022 but, with principal photography completed in late August recently, we believe that the show's crew are deep into post-production at this stage at this point.

The show has wedged with Way and Bá's comics by now, so there are two directions that The Umbrella Academy's third season could fit in. It could deviate from Way and Bá's plans for future entries within the graphic novels (like Game of Thrones did once it surpassed George R.R. Martin's source material back in the time). Alternatively, it could keep on with the blueprint that The Umbrella Academy's creators have for a fourth volume and any future books that they are working on.

But we digress. If you're interested in more details for The Umbrella Academy season 3, we got you covered. Below, you will find out when its expected release date is, what the comics can tease about the subsequent entry's potential plot, new cast members, when the trailer could drop and more.

The Umbrella Academy Expected Release Date

We don't have solid news about the release date for season 3 yet. What we do know, however, is that it will arrive in 2022. Soon it will have a teaser trailer on the series' official Netflix page, which you will find in here, The Umbrella Academy season 3 is ready to land sometime next year.

Production wrapped on season 3 (after 170 days, as revealed by show-runner Steve Blackman) in late August, so work is certain to get started on the series' lengthy post-production phase. Additionally, in an exceeding fashion the video posted on The Umbrella Academy's official Twitter account, the series' main actors also revealed that they had finished shooting the show's latest chapter:

If we had to guess, we'd say that the much awaited teaser trailer shouldn't arrive before the tip of 2021. It is a bit late at this time around, so we suspect that a teaser trailer may arrive in early 2022. If one does, we expect The Umbrella Academy season 3 to land on Netflix before mid-2022.

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