PUBG PC Goes Free-to-Play From January 2022


Recently, krafton has announced that the game will become free-to-play, starting from next month which is New Year 2022. The news was announced at The Game Awards, the new model of the game will go live on January 12, 2022, and will have number of rewards for the new players and existing users. PUBG has its own legacy from a couple of years since the day it launched at 2017, it gained its popularity slowly and rose to great height in the esports tournaments.

PUBG PC Going free for the players of Earth

Finally, the time has come for the battle royale game’s PC version to be available for free, without paying any dime to download and enjoy the game. The game still will include some items that will be available after buying the subscription called Battlegrounds Plus. The gamers who have been playing the paid version of the game will get the PUBG – Special Commemorative Pack, a free upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus given exclusively to the old players of the game, and also some extra in-game rewards.

PUBG offers users a quite a number of skins which could be obtained by opening some crates. But since this is new arrival of the game in the world of freeware, so they giving out free in-game rewards including Shanks and Shackle Legacy – Nameplate, Pan – Battle- hardened Legacy. The old PUBG users will automatically will enjoy most of the access to these benefits after they log into their accounts.

As for the Battlegrounds Plus, it will be a one-time subscription costing $12.99 (around Rs 983) to access special in-game rewards. This includes Survival Mastery XP +100% boost, Career – Medal tab, Ranked Mode, Creating and playing a Custom Match, Captain’s Camo Hat, Captain’s Camo Mask, Captain’s Camo Gloves, and Bonus 1300 G-COIN.

The free version of PUBG: Battlegrounds will be available on Steam, Stadia, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

Apart from this, Krafton has also announced a few events before the free version goes live for people to participate in and win rewards. There will be three events. The first event requires users to link their Krafton ID and pre-register to receive a Special Care Package (a Highside Slick Backpack, Highside Slick Top, and two Preset Slot Coupons). The registration can be done by January 11.


The second event requires users to invite 3 friends and receive new rewards like a Highside Slick Helmet, Iron G-Coin Box, and a Bonus Reward. The third event requires players to take a quiz to figure out their play style and again, get rewards (a PUBG: Battlegrounds spray and 10 Contraband Coupons). You can get all the details from over here.

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