Kolkata Fatafat Result 2021 Today - FF Lottery Result 2021

FF Lottery Result December 2021 Satta is available online. Kolkata FF Lottery Result has been updated on our portal. Go through the article and read it till the end. You will get all the complete information in the article. There are lots of misconceptions and myths regarding Kolkata Fatafat FF in the market which will ultimately be removed here. If you are looking for the lottery result then you came to the correct place. Your search will surely end here.

kolkata fatafat result

Don’t skip any content of the post and read it in detail and don’t forget to drop your valuable comment after reading it till the very end. Here you will get to know about Lottery Result Time Jodi, Patti aur Single key Sath Chart, Prize Money, and other updates which are available on kolkataff.org and kolkataff.com.

If you are the one who is having tickets then you can access your result from here. For those viewers who have no clue about it, it’s a type of game in which you can win prizes if your lucky number gets selected. To participate in this game first you have to buy tickets that contain any random number and then all you have to do is wait for the result. If your bought number comes out in the result then you will get amazing prizes.

Before covid, all this was done offline but because of lockdowns and other restrictions now one can play online. You will get to see a lot of websites that are about the Kolkata Fatafat Lottery. You must be in Kolkata when you are buying the ticket as other residents are not allowed and they are not allowed to participate.

Kolkata Fatafat Result Today

If you are from Kolkata then chances are very high that you must have heard about this game. If you don’t know about it then don’t worry we will tell you in detail about it. Its name is Kolkata FF which is originated from West Bengal and generally played in Kolkata.

On each lottery win, you will get Rs. 6 daily starting from Monday to Saturday. Total 8 bets are there each day but on Sunday only 4 bets are there. The best part of this lottery game is that one can get as high as 4 crores winning amount. You can check the latest result of Kolkata FF as it’s announced on their site.

Don’t worry you will get all the updates right here on this page. As per several reports users of this game are increasing at a very fast pace, the reason behind which is the huge winning amount. If you want to participate in the game then go to the official website and follow all the steps which are given below in this post. Please note that there is no exact strategy that will ensure your win and please stay away from such people who say so. It totally depends on an individual’s luck as it’s luck based game. As per the game pattern, only 8 bets will be placed daily, and betting time is fixed.

Kolkata FF Lottery Rules

  • An everyday new chart is made of Kolkata Fatafat lottery Result
  • On the official website, you can check the Kolkata FF Lottery Patti list
  • Daily 8 bets will be placed, the game is played from Monday to Saturday
  • On Sunday only 4 bets are there
  • Before buying tickets first try to gain some basic knowledge of Kolkata FF only then invest in it
  • You can select any number but your winning will depend only on luck
  • In this game, all you have to do is just guess numbers and you will win if they are correct
  • The first winner in the Kolkata Fatafat lottery will get a whopping Rs. 4 Crore
  • First to the Fifth winner will receive a reward in this game. The reward will depend on the rank of the candidate.
  • Each round of the game is called Bazi
  • For the fastest result on the internet keep checking this page from time to time
  • It’s played in three types. Those types are Single, Jodi, Patti
  • Different ways are there to invest in each type

You can’t play this game on your own rules as its time is fixed and it’s played in a disciplined manner on the basis of their schedule. Each round time is fixed for all days and it will start at that time only. In the above table, you will get the complete timetable of Kolkata Fatafat FF 8 rounds.

Prize Money of Lottery Result

Greed is the main reason behind most of the games. People want to try their luck and who knows if they can win crores like other past winners. In the game, you have to invest some amount to buy the tickets and if your number gets selected then you can win as high as 4 crores as the lottery. All the winners who will get the top 5 ranks will surely get the reward. In the table below we have discussed this in detail. If you believe in luck or want to try for fun then go ahead and buy tickets for yourself.

Kolkata Fatafat Result Today

You can give it a try like others who knows what’s there in your destiny but don’t get addicted to it. Slowly you will lose a huge amount if you don’t control yourself. So think wisely and take your decision. People of Kolkata are in love with this game. It’s not wrong if we call that it’s one of the most famous games there. In this section, we will update the Kolkata Fatafat Result Today List of all 8 rounds along with some past winners.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result LIVE (15 December 2021)





















The above table will be updated on regular basis. For the latest results keep refreshing this page. Those results which are in a pending state will be labeled as yet to be out and after updation, entries will be done.

The results of each round are announced at a given time only. So wait for a while and wait for the fastest Fatafat Result Today Baji. All the round results will be updated daily on the above table. Buy your ticket today and check 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Baji Single, Jodi, and Patti Result here.

How to Check Kolkata FF Result Online

  1. To check Kolkata Fatafat Result Today first of all in your browser open the official website which is www.kolkataff.com
  2. Now scroll a little bit and look for a table that says: Today’s Result or Game Baazi Live Result
  3. For a better understanding look at the attached image
  4. Now in the table, you will get to see today’s result
  5. If you have bought a ticket then do check if your number is there or not
  6. If it’s there then you are eligible for the Kolkata FF Reward
  7. Contact the authority or mail them to claim your prize money
  8. Anytime you can check the result by following the above method

Keep checking this page from time to time. Do bookmark it in your browser as we will update daily results here along with all the rounds of the game. Drop a comment below if you have any questions or queries. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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