Glance for Realme for all Realme Devices Download Link

Glance for Realme for all Realme Devices Download Link provided in this article. It has been more than two years for Realme to enter the mobile market and it has made its footsteps in the budget range which competes with Xiaomi's Poco and Redmi series. And it can be said that a lot of people like the Realme UI if we compare it with the custom skin of any other brand. 

glance for realme

Glance for Realme

Recently, Realme has introduced a new feature that was not in any Realme smartphone yet, this feature is Glance for Realme. It is rolling out to several Realme smartphones through a new OTA update right now. Glance for realme adds exquisite and informative content across subscribed categories like news, entertainment, sports, games, and shopping on the Lock screen.

Glance for Realme: The content is updated over Wi-Fi and mobile data. You can turn off the function of using mobile data to update contents automatically.

Download Glance for Realme

Glance for Realme to display a new wallpaper along with an article every time the lock button or power button is pressed provided there is an Internet connection. This feature is called Wallpaper Carousel. While the users can see some amazing wallpapers and interesting information on music, sports, entertainment, tech, tourism, etc.

Download Glance

How to Enable Glance for Realme Feature

Operation path: Settings > Home screen, Lock screen & Always-On Display > Glance for realme > Update content using mobile data. By updating, you are agreeing to the Glance User Agreement ( and Glance Privacy Policy (

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