BTS Members Jin, RM and Suga Tested Positive for COVID-19

 BTS Members Jin, RM and Suga Tested Positive for COVID-19

Three members of superstar K-pop group BTS have tested positive for COVID-19 over the past two days, their management company Big Hit Music has announced.

On Saturday, RM and Jin tested positive for COVID-19 at some point after fellow member Suga was also diagnosed. The three members completed their second rounds of COVID vaccinations in late August, Big Hit Music said, and none of them had contact with one another or other BTS members. Their symptoms are either mild or non-existent.

All seven members of BTS were on a political candidate break where they may rest, recharge and spend time with their families after their busy schedules, including their “Permission to bounce on Stage” concerts in la and also the iHeartRadio Jingle Bell Tour earlier in December. The singers returned to South Korea after their travels and self-isolated separately.

Suga returned to the Republic of Korea on Thursday, December 23, and tested positive the subsequent day, but failed to show any symptoms, Big Hit Music said. RM came back on Friday, December 17, underwent self-quarantine in his home, and tested positive on Saturday evening, though he’s not exhibiting any symptoms. Jin returned to Korea on Monday, December 6, self-quarantined and was released after testing negative twice. However, he developed mild, flu-like symptoms on Saturday afternoon and tested positive within the evening.

The U.S. concerts were BTS’ first since 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The group is nominated at the 2022 Grammy Awards for best pop duo/group performance for his or her hit song “Butter.” After their extended period of rest, the group’s first since 2019, they'll work on a replacement album, which can mark a “new chapter,” and steel themselves against an upcoming March tour in Seoul.

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