The fact that Apple is functioning on a self-driving auto is not any secret to anyone tracking the industry. For years, Apple has been rumored to be acting on an autonomous electric, but there’s not much known about the project, which is reportedly codenamed ‘Project Titan’. in step with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has made substantial progress with the car and suggested that it’s going to be using in-house silicon to handle computing for its upcoming autonomous car. Now, UK-based vehicle leasing company Vanarama has created a 3D concept of the Apple Car, taking inspiration from other Apple products also as actual patents filed by the Cupertino giant.

Vanarama gives us a glance at what the Apple Car could look like from the surface further as its interiors. The coupe SUV model designed by Vanarama is predicated on the important patents filed by Apple. Vanarama’s renders borrow several features from the patents, including the pillar-less design, coach doors with scooped up windows, and seats that may be rotated to rework into a front room setup. And while this won’t be the ultimate design, we can expect it to seem similar.

From the skin, the Apple Car looks lots like Tesla’s CyberTruck (though not as angular), making it look futuristic yet normal. The renders show a pillar-less design (patent US10309132B1), and a tinted windshield, windows, and sunroof. Then there are adaptive doors (patent US10384519B1) with scooped windows providing extra headroom. The mesh is inspired by Mac Pro’s circular vent with a glowing Apple logo on the front. The door handle of the car resembles the side buttons of the iPhone, and also the car encompasses a frosted white finish like that of the iPhone 4.

Vanarama also gives us a sneak peek inside the Apple Car. The dashboard is reimagined as a seamless display (patent US20200214148A) that stretches along the sides. Also, we’ve got Siri inside the car (patent JP2020173835A)) built into the wheel. Siri would allow the motive force to manage the car’s interiors using voice commands.

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