Sourav Joshi is the youngest Indian Vlogger who makes daily videos showcasing his whole daily life in his videos. He includes his lovely family Father, Mother, Brothers (Sahil & Piyush), and his dog (Oreo). Currently, he lives in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, and making Pahadi peoples proud.
sourav joshi vlogs 10 million subscriber on youtube

Sourav Joshi Vlogs 10 Million Subscribers

Recently Sourav Joshi Vlogs named youtube channel have crossed 10 million subscribers within like a year and it’s massive because nobody has crossed this much fast as Sourav has done it. You can really say him that he is a growth hacker in the Youtube Community. 
Everybody has some dream to achieve something like Sourav had in his mind so he didn’t stop making videos. He continued and here he is now with 10 Million Subscribers which is huge. 
He is being loved by families, kids, and many more because of his down towards earth personality. He is very simple and honest to the viewers as well as to his family. He follows every order from his parents that is the reason behind it. He keeps his parents happy and makes them proud daily. Because nobody in the past has done this much and shown in the vides. 

The main factor of Sourav Joshi Vlogs Growth

Piyush Joshi (Brother)

piyush joshi

He is being watched by young generation people like small kids. Piyush is also the small kid who plays the main role in the vlogs by making funny talk. Piyush is real to the audience because small kids don’t role play in the real-life like others. But Sourav and Piyush have come so long that there future is getting secured by them only.

Sahil Joshi (Brother)

sahil joshi

Sahil is younger than Sourav who also makes Vlogs like Sourav Joshi and he has 1+ million subscribers. But he’s a bit different than him because he doesn’t make daily vlogs. Because already Sourav is making videos why would make a daily vlog. Sahil loves to do stunts in his videos like jumping, flipping, and many more. He does many activities like sports athletes. Let’s see in the future what he persues and make content on it. 

Oreo Joshi (Pet)

oreo joshi pet dog

Sourav loves his dog so much that he sleeps with him only. Oreo is very active and barks at everyone like at unknown people. Sourav has a line speaking with his pet (Oreo) “SouravDa Aagye hai ORI” and this keeps the line keep repeating in every vlog and nobody got bored from this because there is a spark in it. The audience also loves Oreo so much that recently Oreo got injured, viewers started commenting that taking him to a hospital that he will be fine. 


sourav joshi parents dad mom father mother

As of now, we don’t know them by name but that’s okay. His Mom and Dad are very humbled by the nature. Especially with MOM, because he wants her mom to be happy and smiling this makes him very proud. 


His Chacha and Chachi (Uncle and Aunty)

piyush joshi father and mother
Uncle and Aunty live in the village. The same village Sourav Joshi is from. They both also are humble like Sourav and his family. The main thing Piyush is their son which means Piyush is his cousin brother. But it doesn’t feel like that they are siblings. This is the main factor in the growth of his youtube channel.

Kunali (Piyush Small Bother)

Sourav’s favorite line with brother Kunali, “Kunali tum Itne Chote Kyun ho?” then Kunali replies, “Kyunki Mein Kam Khata Hoon”. This is the very funny line that happens when Sourav meets him and includes him in the vlogs. Recently Sourav and his whole family were living in the village for like a month. 


Sourav’s grandmother also lives in their village which is in the Mountains area. She loves to be there only because everybody loves to live from they are being lived there for years. Sourav says come here to Haldwani but she denies that she will come later like her Aunty.

Dadaji (Grandfather)

Sourav’s grandfather also lives in the village with Amma, Chacha, and Chachi. But currently, he is living with Sourav in Haldwani.
There are so many relatives which can be mentioned in the article but we will update this article in the upcoming days. 
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