PUBG New State is only two days away from the official launch 11th November 2021 and players can’t wait anymore to try their hands on the game. The game has released an official YouTube video displaying the Advanced control system that players will get in the game. This feature is particular to PUBG New State, and the creators have provided all of the data about it.

pubg new state mobile d2 controls

PUBG New State Advanced Controls revealed and explained in details

PUBG New State official Youtube channel has posted an video about “D-2 (Advanced Controls)” at 9:30 AM IST morning. 

As per the developers, PUBG New State has the most epic advanced control system that no other PUBG variants have. Let us explore what these features are.

The video starts with the word indicating ”D-2”, which signifies that the game is just two days away from the official launch. The next segment of the video continues detailing the Advanced Control system. 

pubg new state drone


  1. There are three peek options to choose from – Tap, Long Press, and Swipe. When peeking, players can swipe further for an extended peek. The extended peek gives a vision advantage over the enemies.
  2. Players can manage the inventory in a variety of ways. Players can either drag and remove the unwanted loots to the left side of the inventory UI or can also drag them to the right side towards the Drop Area. Then after simply clicking the ‘X’ button, the items will be dropped. Players can also adjust the amount of loot they want to drop.
  3. One of the newest mechanisms in PUBG New State is the roll. Players can roll left, right, forward as well as backwards. The more stamina the players have, the further they can go in one roll.
  4. Certain buttons have multiple functions depending on how the player uses it. Different combinations lead to different ending positions.
  5. Players can now drop throwables right below them after removing the trigger pin.
  6. The jump button also has several functions that can offer jumping action, parkour and ledge grab action at the same time.
  7. Players can also throw pans at long distances to knock down opponents.

There is an official video posted on PUBG NEW STATE youtube channel. You can check this out in details along with visuals. 

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