Recently, Xiaomi has started to roll out new version of the MIUI 12.5 system developed which is based on Android 12 to upgrade and update the system. 

In this article, we have also created an unofficial list of Xiaomi devices that may possibly get MIUI 13 updates first and we also talk about New Features and the release date of MIUI 13.

miui 13 release date

MIUI 13 Release Date:

Today, we have shared some information about the new Xiaomi MIUI13 system with you before, but Xiaomi MIUI13 has not yet been launched, and Xiaomi Lei Jun has also stated that the MIUI13 system will be launched at the end of the year.

MIUI 13 Latest News

Xiaomi started MIUI 13 Stable testing on some smartphones. A total of 7 flagships devices are on the list. These devices are expected to receive MIUI 13 stable updates on the day MIUI 13 revels. Also check: MIUI 12 Live Super Earth Wallpaper Apk download on other devices.

Current MIUI 13 stable update build for these models:

  • Mi Mix 4: V13.0.0.1.SKMCNXM
  • Mi 11 Ultra: V13.0.0.1.SKACNXM
  • Mi 11: V13.0.0.1.SKBCNXM
  • Redmi K40 Pro: V13.0.0.1.SKKCNXM
  • Redmi K40: V13.0.0.1.SKHCNXM
  • Mi 10S: V13.0.0.1.SGACNXM
  • Mi 11 Lite 5G: V13.0.0.1.SKICNXM

A well-known leakster Digital Chat station, says that MIUI 13 has undergone major changes, and many system interfaces have new UX perhaps come with a long-awaited visual overhaul.

In addition, the leaks revealed that MIUI 13 still has both Android 11 and Android 12 as its “bottom layers.” but the system has not been fully adapted to Android 12 and is a work in progress.

Currently, screenshots of the MIUI13 system interface have been exposed on foreign social media. These screenshots of the MIUI13 system can give us some new information about the MIUI13 system.

The MIUI13 system moves the search bar to the bottom of the screen, adopts a smoother animation design, and is more fluent. According to the news, the MIUI13 system will be subtracted and streamlined. Users can add corresponding modules according to their needs. It will greatly increase the fluency of the system.

MIUI 13 Rollout Batch Details

Xiaomi may release the first MIUI 13 beta by early 2021 followed by the phased MIUI 13 rollout in batches starting June 2021. The MIUI 13 update is expected with more features based on Android 11 and additional functionalities.

MIUI 13 Supported Device List

MI Device for MIUI 13

  1. Mi 11 Ultra,
  2. Mi 11,
  3. Mi 11 Pro,
  4. Mi 11X,
  5. Mi 11X Pro,
  6. Mi 11 Lite
  7. Mi 10T Pro,
  8. Mi 10T,
  9. Mi 10T Lite,
  10. Mi 10 5G,
  11. Mi 10 Ultra,
  12. Mi 10 Youth 5G,
  13. Mi 10 Lite 5G,
  14. Mi 10 Pro 5G
  15. Mi Note 10 Lite,
  16. Mi Note 10,
  17. Mi Note 10 Pro
  18. Mi 9 Pro 5G,
  19. Mi 9 Pro,
  20. Mi 9 Explorer Edition
  21. Mi CC9 Pro
  22. Mi Mix Alpha

Redmi Device for MIUI 13

  1. Redmi K40,
  2. Redmi K40 Pro,
  3. Redmi K40 Pro+,
  4. Redmi K40 Gaming Enhanced Edition
  5. Redmi K30 Ultra,
  6. Redmi K30i 5G,
  7. Redmi K30 5G Racing,
  8. Redmi K30 Pro Zoom,
  9. Redmi K30 Pro,
  10. Redmi K30,
  11. Remi K30 5G
  12. Redmi Note 9 Pro,
  13. Redmi Note 9,
  14. Redmi Note 9S,
  15. Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
  16. Redmi 9 Prime,
  17. Redmi 9i, Redmi 9,
  18. Redmi 9A,
  19. Redmi 9C, R
  20. Redmi 9
  21. Redmi Note 10
  22. Redmi Note 10 Pro
  23. Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
  24. Redmi Note 10 Lite
  25. Redmi 10X Pro 5G,
  26. Redmi 10X 5G,
  27. Redmi 10X 4G
  28. Redmi K20 Pro Premium,
  29. Redmi K20 Pro

Poco Device for MIUI 13

  1. Poco X3 NFC,
  2. Poco X3,
  3. Poco X3 Pro,
  4. Poco X2 Pro (or F2 Pro),
  5. Poco X2
  6. Poco M3,
  7. Poco M2 Pro,
  8. Poco M2
  9. Poco C3

MIUI 13 Latest Features:

  • New Animations
  • New Theme designs and improved gestures
  • Improved Battery Performance
  • New gestures and additional functionalities
  • Improvements in User Interface
  • Enhanced Touch sensitivity
  • Instant editing filter for photos and videos
  • The improved Scrolling screenshot feature
  • Improved Share menu App pinning
  • Native screen recording support
  • Enhanced and more featured Always on Display
  • Scheduling option for Airplane mode
  • Improved Notification panel for Social media apps for faster Reply and enhanced experience
  • More flexible storage experience
  • Fast charging improvements
  • Great power saving mode for long-lasting battery
  • Improved Notification system for managing older and newer notifications from apps

The above list is not an official announced list. So if your devices are not on the list then wait till Xiaomi announces the official devices List.

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