Smart-watches these days come up with different features, which enable one to operate basic functions on your tiny screen. Samsung one of the top electronic manufacturing brands in the world has a new smart-watch “Samsung Galaxy 4” which offers its users to maneuver it on its first boot-up or while resetting it. 

Modern-day smart-watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch can be used even without a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smart-watches were launched globally back in August and they soon arrived in the Indian market in the same month. The newest Galaxy Watch smart-watches come in LTE and Bluetooth-only options available. The LTE variant in fact is able to act as a standalone variant precisely, thanks to the data connectivity feature, the (Bluetooth-only) model requires the Galaxy Wearable application to pair. However, there is a way in which you don’t need to connect your Samsung Galaxy smart-watch to your Smartphone in order to use it. Let’s understand the way about – How to use Samsung Galaxy Smart- Watch 4 without having to connect it with your phone. 

How to use Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 without a Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Watch users can use the smartwatch without connecting to a mobile device for doing outdoor activities such as exercise or climbing a mountain. The Samsung Galaxy Watch can be used without a smartphone device when you turn it on for the very first time. Users need to keep in mind that some features wouldn’t be available when you use your Galaxy Watch without connecting to a mobile device.

1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic/Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. 

2. Tap the (?) icon visible to the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Here‘.

3. A quick notice will show up, read it thoroughly and click on ‘Continue

4. Read the terms and conditions (not really required) and tap on the ‘Next‘ button to agree.

5. Login with your Samsung account or select Skip for now.

6. Set a time zone based on your region (India). 

7. The smart will then ask you to set a PIN for backing up data or restoring it.

8. Now On the application screen shown, tap on the (Settings > Connect to phone > Click on the tick mark icon) and enter the following PIN to connect the Galaxy Watch to a mobile device.

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