There will be no one in the internet world who would not know about Google, Google is the world’s largest search engine, in which millions of searches are done every day, apart from the search engine, there are many products of Google.

One of the most used google platforms would be, Google Drive, Google Docs, Youtube and Gmail which we use every day. Apart from this, there is another product of Google named Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an online advertising network in which many publishers and advertisers are connected and making a good income from Adsense.

Ways to earn money from Google Adsense

There are 2 ways to earn money from Google Adsense, in which the first way is blog or website and the second way is Youtube.

1. Blog or Website

By using Blogging, you can earn money from Adsense and you can also earn money by using website or Google’s free service for that which is Blogspot in which you can earn money by starting your website for free, if If you are short of money or do not have money, then only you use Blogspot because you will have many problems in it, you use Paid Hosting and Paid Domain, and you get approval of Adsense in Paid Hosting quickly.
To get approval of Google Adsense on your website, put 20 posts within 2 months and request for Google Adsense, and you will be approved soon after you have created all kinds of pages on your website, and you have to write your content and Do not copy from anywhere else your application will be rejected.
If your application is rejected, then apply again by improving the content of your website.
When $100 is earned from your blog/website, then you can withdraw it in your bank account, before that your adsense account is verified, only after that the payment will come in your account from 21st to 28th of every month in your bank account. 

2. Youtube

Youtube is the second and easiest way from google adsense, there is hardly anyone who does not know about youtube, you can earn a lot of money by connecting youtube to google adsense.
If you want to earn money from Youtube, then you have to create Youtube channel, and upload some unique videos on it, which should be Original Video, you cannot earn money from Youtube by uploading any copyrighted video.
When you have 1000 subscribers on your Youtube channel and 4000 hours of watchtime is completed, then you should apply for google adsense, before applying, you must check the rules of Youtube once.
You do not have to put someone else’s video in Youtube and also do not put any adult content, otherwise your channel will be suspended and you will not be able to earn.

How to take payment from Google Adsense

Google pays differently in different countries, such as payment by bank transfer, check, or Western Union, in India, payment is done through bank transfer or Western Union.
To take payment in India, you have to give your bank account information to Google, in which name, account number, bank name, Swift Bis code etc. have to be given, only after that money is sent to your bank account through Google Adsense.
Google sends money every 21 to 28 of the month, if your Google adsense gets more than $100 in the last month, then Google adsense sends money to your bank account.


You can earn a lot of money from website and Youtube, you can also make your career in blogger and earn lakhs of rupees and people are earning a lot of money from Youtube too. If you have any question in your mind then you can comment.
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