Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a platform battle royale game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. It was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on 4 August 2020. The game is planned for eventual release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Up to 60 players control jellybean-like creatures and compete against each other in a series of challenges, such as obstacle courses or tag. Many different courses have been added since the game was first released; the minority are team-based, while many require not falling into slime on a spinning, floating platform with obstacles designed to knock players in and waiting for a specified number of others to be eliminated, but most are obstacle courses that involve players racing to get to the finish line as soon as possible, lest they are eliminated—starting at 40, there is a limited number of players that can qualify, and the number lowers as rounds progress. Eventually, the number of players gets down to one, the player who is crowned the winner.

Fall Guys received positive reviews from critics for its chaotic gameplay and visual appearance. The game draws inspiration from game shows like Takeshi’s Castle, It’s a Knockout, Wipeout, and playground games like tag and British Bulldog. The game has seasonal changes, which adds more challenges and changes the game’s theme. The fifth and current season of the game is adventure-themed with a jungle setting.


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Fall Guys Gameplay

Up to 60 players compete in matches with battle royale-style gameplay. Players represented as jellybean-like figures, move around a three-dimensional playing field, with additional moves such as jumping, grabbing/climbing, or diving to assist gameplay. The aim is to qualify for subsequent rounds by successfully completing each of the randomly selected mini-games. 

Certain mini-games involve running towards a finish line at the end of the map, playing tag with other players, while others add elements of teamwork. On every mini-game, obstacles appear around the map for added complexity. Players who are too slow, who fall into pink slime, or who fail certain requirements for a mini-game, are eliminated. In the final round, the remaining few players compete in a final match with a randomized mini-game designed for a smaller player size. The winner of the match is the last player standing.

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