How To Check Battery Health in OnePlus Smartphones

Most Android smartphones don’t offer removable batteries on their smartphones. Even, OnePlus has made it really hard to swap out an older degraded battery for a new one. However, Oneplus does have a diagnostic app that can give users information about the health of their battery.

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How To Check Battery Health in OnePlus Smartphones - OnePlus Diagnostic Method

The app is “OnePlus Diagnostic” with the package name com.oneplus.healthcheck. OnePlus itself has published about the app on their Chinese support site.

The app is compatible with both HydrogenOS and OxygenOS.With the help of the app, users can check important battery parameters such as capacity, temperature, charging state, etc. through its clean and clutter-free UI.

Community members of XDA studied the app and gave an insight. The value of the “Battery state” parameter shows the battery wear level. Community members of XDA upon inspecting the app’s code discovered that the app reads the value from /sys/class/power_supply/bms/battery_health.

In the app “BMS” stands for Battery Management System, while this value is reported by a battery fuel gauge IC made by Maxim Integrated. If that value is < 80, the app reports the battery as having a “serious loss” incapacity.

This app is not supported on Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro. In order to run this app, users should be running on OxygenOS or HydrogenOS because it requires special privileges to be able to read /sys/class/power_supply/bms/battery_health.

If you have a rooted phone, you can manually check that value by running the following command in a rooted shell or any terminal emulator app running in elevated mode: cat/sys/class/power_supply/bms/battery_health

This app is supported on the Oneplus 3/3T, Oneplus 5/5T, Oneplus 6/6T, and Oneplus 7 and 7T series. Users should be running on OxygenOS or HydrogenOS on their respective Oneplus devices.

You can also download the OnePlus Diagnostic through the APK given below:

Download OnePlus Diagnostic from APK Mirror

How To Check Battery Health in OnePlus Smartphones - OnePlus Care App

To check if your OnePlus smartphone is suffering from a bad battery backup, you should check if it needs a battery replacement following these steps.
  • Download OnePlus Care by Servify from the Google Play store.
  • Once downloaded and installed, launch the app and register using your phone number or email.
  • Tap the My Devices -> Battery to check the battery health status, our OnePlus 8 shows Good health.
  • You will need to add your OnePlus smartphone using the IMEI provided on it to diagnose the phone. You have other options aside from the battery if you want to diagnose any other components of the phone.
Adding your device will also show you if your phone is under warranty. In case if your battery status is not in a healthy state, it would be covered under the warranty period if you opt for a battery replacement.

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