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Tanmay Singh, professionally known as “Sc0utOP,” is an E-sports player who has represented India in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and is one of the most famous YouTubers with 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Scout is very well known for his tactics in PUBG for entry framing, assaulting accuracy of his laser-like m416 + 6x, scar + 4x, DMR spamming, and his IGL decisions. He has an Instagram-verified account with 847 posts and 2.9 million followers. 

“Inspired by the recent Korean drama, your favorite creators are coming together to compete in the virtual battle of life and death! we all know it, The Squid Games ✨”

“Gamers in their own style, The ultimate goal here is to SURVIVE”

Recently, Scout announced a special game event among BGMI content creators and competitive players. The challenge is based on the popular Korean drama series “Squid Game,” which was featured on Netflix and received an amazing response from audiences around the world. 

Tanmay Scout came up with an amazing idea to entertain his audience as well as the whole Indian gaming community. He hasn’t revealed the entire scenario of the Squid Game challenge, but he has given some hints in the stream while explaining it to his friends. 

If you have watched the most popular Squid Game Netflix series you must be aware of the challenges shown in the series itself. The same concept will be here in Scout’s special challenge. He also said there will be a huge prize pool for the winner but there is the catch that as like in the series only one person received cash prize money, here also one winner will get the whole prize pool. 

Players have to survive multiple challenges while protecting themselves as well as shown in the series. This is going to happen in Battlegrounds Mobile India game like in customs or something else. 

scout squid game event poster

Scout Squid Game Event Creators are as follows:

  1. Mamba
  2. GameXpro
  3. Regaltos
  4. KaashPlays
  5. Krutika
  6. Alpha Clasher
  7. Shreeman Legend
  8. SouL Viper
  9. Nova King
  10. 8bit Mercy
  11. Mavi 
  12. 8bit Goldy

This is going to be exciting, definitely. Let’s see when it is going to happen. A poster has been released on his Instagram, as you must have seen in the article’s featured image. 

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