What is upcoming anime movie in Indian cinemas?

Anime has now become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for audiences with different genres of movies, which are released every year all around the world. Indian cinema loves watching certain types of movies which would include Bollywood, South Movies, etc. Anime has grown considerably in India with a staggering number of people started to watch it across the nation and loving it with utmost innocence with eye-catching action scenes, storylines, plot twists.

The year 2021 has to offer many new animated releases around the globe which fans would consider watching. Without wasting much of your time let's dive right into our lists of movies that you could enjoy watching. This is the list of upcoming anime movies in Indian cinemas.


Upcoming Animated Movie in Indian Cinema


1] Hotel Translvania 4 

Release Date: 1st, October, 2021


2] The Addams Family 2 

Release Date: 1st, October, 2021



3] Ron's Gone Wrong

Release Date: 22nd, October, 2021


The above list will be updated as the new movies get released in Indian theaters Or popular live-streaming services available in the country.

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