Will DEKU and ochako ever date my hero academia show?


Will DEKU and ochako ever date my hero academia show? Yes. They both seem to be flustered on multiple occasions, blushing when encountered with each other is something that fans could count on that they would end up dating. Uraraka and Deku are not in a canon relationship, not yet but at the same time, Deku tends to do anything to keep Uraraka safe from trouble and has been aiming to do since the moment he first met her. Meanwhile, Uraraka will support deku through all of his struggles in road to become No.1 Hero.

Deku Midoriya likes Uraraka, most likely as a friend as of now, but he does have romantic feelings for her, which gives the audiences hints of there possible relationship spark, yet they are unlikely to start dating anytime soon in the show. Midoriya seems to be more focused on becoming a hero and then dating someone.

First off, let's see Ochaco Uraraka.



 After looking at these images it becomes definite that she has feelings for him, which could be potential love interest.

 So let's look at Izuku.


It is completely clear that Midoriya gets flustered around Uraraka, which solidifies the fact that they both like each other and would date in the future.

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