Why is the 2nd suicide squad the same name as the first?


Why is the 2nd suicide squad the same name as the first? It’s not the same name just because they have added “The” at the start of it. The title was first suggested by James Gun as a joke, but the official executives at Warner Bros seem to like it. The movie was officially titled "The Suicide Squad" and was scheduled to release on August 6th, 2021 which it did release one day before that. 

The name of the film alludes to the dangerous nature of their hard missions. Gun's career took some drastic changes earlier to the movie-making which lead to some important decision making which could ruin his career so he came up with "The Suicide Squad" which is now turning into a huge success over the online streaming platforms such as HBO Max for instance and all around the world in theaters. 

 The sequel with its incessant profanity, trollish sense of humor, and ridiculous body, spiced with Gunn's film direction is just cherry over the top and seems to content to exist in a constant level of rug-pulling with lots of fun but little subtle momentum. The major characters upend the noble superhero virtues. But there is a crack team of killers assembled from a different variety of supervillains who serve time in prison. Sometimes they switch sides, because of their obscure nature which is bad guys at heart. They seem to be often so exceptionally unpredictable.

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