What would bertholdt look like if he was still alive in Attack on Titan?


What would bertholdt look like if he was still alive in Attack on Titan? He would look quite handsome with his tall body, short black hair, pale green eyes, an elongated face, and thin eyebrows. Bertholdt, in his casual clothes which is a blue sweater with a white button underneath, though he later decided to switch to pale button-down with gray pants which looked classy.

He was identified as someone with a weak will that follows another popular opinion. However, he was noticed by his commandant to be a person with great potential capability, with an utter lack of initiative which Reiner covered up for him. When by his own, hoover was something of a coward with low self-esteem noted by people around him.

Bertholdt Hoover was part of Marley’s Military Unit and an Eldian who originated from the Liberio Internment section. He possessed the ability to transform into the big Colossal Titan, which made him one of the lethal weapons. Bertholdt could initiate his transformation by a single drop of blood creating a massive blast destroying everything in its surrounding. He is considered one of the greatest threats to humanity within the walls of paradise.

After infiltration in Paradise Island alongside Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, And Marcel Galliard as part of a mission to reclaim the following Founding Titan.

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