What is the caste of Neeraj Chopra?


What is the caste of Neeraj Chopra? Rod-Maratha community is where Neeraj Chopra originally belongs from, his ancestors had to hide their identity, so they changed surnames from Chopde to Chopra, because after Marathas lost their third battle of Panipat with Ahmed Shah Abdali in 1761, and some of the Maratha families had no place to take shelter so they hide in jungles. It was a survival instinct that they were a force to apply and come under such circumstances to continue living.

A Rod-Maratha leader from Haryana, Virendra Maratha said, “After the third battle of Panipat which took place in 1761, in which Ahmed shah Abdali conquered the Maratha army, several Maratha families had to settle down in Panipat and nearby places and areas. It was all jungle all over in Panipat at that time, and our families had to hide and took shelter in the jungle area because Ahmed Shah Abdali’s troops were hunting them down desperately.

They were forced to hide their identity at that period and therefore many of Maratha's surnames got corrupted. The surname Chopde from their community was converted into Chopra, later on, Rod- Maratha's community name was tagged on the people who were originally from Maharashtra. Still, several ceremonies, customs are similar to those of the Maratha community.

After Ahmed Shah Abdali returned to Afghanistan, many of the Marathas who already settled down around the Panipat region didn’t move back to Maharashtra and made the place their own.

Neeraj Chopra’s ancestors settled down in Chandra village near Panipat at that time. The Rod- Maratha community, is over more than one million in population.

Many words they use in their day-to-day life are from the Marathi language, such as "roti" said as "poli" instead.


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