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 The festival Rakshabandhan, dedicated to the beautiful relationship of siblings, will be celebrated this time on Sunday, August 22. This festival is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the seventh month. On this day the sister ties Rakshasutra on her brother's wrist (which we call Rakhi) and wishes him a happy life. According to Hindu religious beliefs, Goddess Lakshmi was the first to make Raja Bali her brother by tying the rakhi. Learn how to celebrate the Rakhi festival and what will be its auspicious moment.


 Rakshabandhan Pooja Method:

- On the day of Rakhi, first, take a bath in the morning and become pure and bow to the deities. Then worship the gods and goddesses of your clan.

-Then take a plate. You can also take a silver, brass, copper, or steel plate if you wish. Then place Rakhi, Akshat, and Roli on this plate.

-First, place the Rakhi plate at the place of worship and offer the first Rakhi to Bal Gopal or your favorite deity. 



The Rakshasutras built in the constellation 'Shravan' provide immortality, dependence, self-esteem, fame, enthusiasm, and inspiration. In ancient times, a wife would wear a Rakshasutra for her husband's good fortune. However, Rakshabandhan is celebrated in a big way as a symbol of unconditional love between brothers and sisters due to a change in tradition.

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