Neeraj Chopra is vegetarian or not


Neeraj Chopra is vegetarian or not? No, he's not a vegetarian, since he would prefer eating some grilled salmon said in an interview and would love to try chicken curry or butter chicken with less spice of course. “I would prefer eating things like fruits or salads. I also like to eat things like grilled chicken breast and eggs as well, “Neeraj said, in an interview with ESPN. He also added that he eats bread and omelet more than anything else available and would eat it any time of the week. But on match days he usually prefers to stay away from fatty foods. Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra’s favorite comfort food which he would love to eat is Pani Puri and Sweet Churma.

Neeraj Chopra, on 7th august 2021, created history by claiming the gold medal in Javelin Throw at the Tokyo Olympics. It was a dream that Milkha Singh had that India should get Gold in such a large-scale Event where the best athlete from around the world come to compete against each other to find out who’s the best amongst them all. With such victory, Indian won its first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2021.

After Abhinav Bindra getting an individual gold medal in Beijing in 2008, Neeraj becomes the second gold medallist from India to achieve such a staggering achievement.

Chopra took up the sport first in 2011, according to his bio on the Olympics official website it states that he was inspired by watching people practicing javelin throw in Haryana back in the day. After a decade of training and sacrificing his energy and soul in culminated the Olympic win on such a grand stage, making our flag rise up higher in front of the world. 

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