Charlie Watts: Rolling Stones Drummer


Charlie Robert Watts was born on 2nd June 1941, was a popular English drummer who was recognized internationally by achieving international fame as the drummer for his Rock band called Rolling stones. He is considered as the band’s longest-serving member who joined in January 1963. Watts remained a member of Rolling Stones until his death on 24th August 2021. He played a huge role in citing jazz as a huge influence on his very own drumming style which the audience loved.


The first public appearance of the drummer as a permanent member was in February 1963 and remained with the group since then until his death after 58 years.


He was a professionally trained graphic artist, which later developed an interest in Jazz at a very young age. Joining the first band which was incorporated with blues, and learned to play drums in London’s blues and rhythm clubs. He meets Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, and Keith Richards in the same club.


After few years, in January 1963, he decided to leave Blues incorporated and joined the Rolling Stones as a front-line drummer, while doubling his record as a designer of their tour stages and record sleeves. Jagger, Richards, and Watts are the only members of the band who were featured in Rolling stones Studio albums.

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