Who is the one eyed owl in Tokyo ghoul?

Who is the one eyed owl in Tokyo ghoul? Eto Yoshimura is the most Infamous “One-Eyed Owl” in the Tokyo Ghoul anime series. Her criminal record and massive strength grant her an SSS rating. She’s one of the most powerful ghouls in the anime series, Eto is the inexplicable daughter of Ukina and Yoshimura, abandoned by her parents, deceived against all odds and she has grown up hating the world.

She establishes and commands the Aogiri tree terrorist group, which is a nemesis force that is carrying out vile activities throughout the series immorally. Though she is fiendish and pleasure-indulgent but has a noble goal of creating a ghoul-friendly environment for the future, assisting the MC Ken Kaneki in this whole process. With her stunning character design and bewitching personality trait, Eto is a fan-favorite for many teenagers and adults.

Tokyo Ghoul, a dark fantasy thriller series has to offer the most powerful man-eating ghouls which have some unique codenames, Ken Kaneki is known as “Eyepatch,” Touka Kirishima is “Rabbit, and many of them have a similar codename which is “Owl,” which could turn out to be confusing. One-Eyed Owl is undoubtedly one of the most murderous ghouls out there to look for.

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