What is anime? Is anime for kids?

 What is anime?

In the simplest form, anime is referred to as animation. Moreover, the name itself is not an abbreviation of the English word “Animation”. Instead, individuals call it an “animated cartoon” in Japanese.  For a Japanese viewer, anime is like any cartoon, it doesn’t matter if it’s made in Japan or not. Outside Japan, the term anime has come to mean animation which is made in Japan or any animated show or Movie that uses well-known aspects of the Japanese style of animation, which includes dramatic panning, vibrant colors, and distinctive features, facial expression.

All around the world people like to watch, and in the U.S., most anime can be classified as a specific form of entertainment, especially for the adult age group. It is related to other fandom and is often carried on the way to, mainstream entertainment. But in Japan, anime is a culturally accepted and fairly basic form of entertainment for every aged individual. 

The significance between different anime which are made for kids and which are made for adults has a wide variety. This difference concludes that anime is profoundly created for a wide range of audiences, and personally, for me, anime has enthralled me with amazing stories, nerve-wracking action scenes, Character development, etc. 

Your first mental image of anime could be sci-fi robots or fangs-haired wizards, but it differentiates based on a genre that one wants to watch. 

From thriller, drama, action, and romance to historical fiction, comedy, horror, Fantasy, and more- there’s an infinite number of series to match your taste buds.

 Is anime for kids?

There’s a considerable difference between kids' animated cartoons which make them smile, laugh and there’s anime which makes you question things, by taking to a whole different world of entertainment.
Just because it’s in animated form doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for children or kids. As any parent could watch movies like “Weathering with you” or “Your Name”. It is up to the parents to undertake the decision to decide what is suitable for their kids. 
If you are concerned about what anime content your kids are consuming, so there’s a simple solution for that, by looking at its ratings for specific terminology. When referring to “Fan service Cuts” a particular term is given. Fan-service usually shows you often feature unnecessary nudity, titles or there are peek-a-boo undergarment shots. 

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