YouTube, a Google video platform that recently started to test YouTube Shorts in India in the fall of 2020 – which is similar to TikTok’s Short-form video sharing app, has now expanded the feature to 26 more countries, in the inclusion of the U.S. this spring.

YouTube Shorts already started to roll out in more than 100 countries around worldwide globally, starting this week. According to Google, YouTube Shorts generated 6.5 billion views daily in March 2021 alone. The numbers will kick even higher with its global expansion, but YouTube hasn’t officially announced anything related to introducing monetization options or inserting ads for YouTube Shorts, as of yet.

Presently, YouTube shorts offers users to create videos up to 60 seconds in overall length. TikTok freshly announced it increasing the max length for the short clips from 60 seconds to 3 minutes.

YouTube announced the global launch of Shorts by saying, “We are strongly committed to power the next generation of mobile-based creators with Shorts, and we are diligently working on what monetization options will resemble in the future.”

Earlier in May, they announced the YouTube Shorts Fund, promising to contribute $100 million by distributing it to the creators of the most appealing Shorts; expected to embark in the fall of 2021 and continued into the New Year 2022.

YouTube Shorts, offers features which are similar to TikTok; the ability to capture video with music, a multi-setup camera to string multiple videos together, and control speed settings conveniently. Adding text to a particular point of the video, adding clips from the phone’s camera roll as required, taking sample audio from other YouTube Shorts to remix into your clips, and last but not least adding basic filters to color-correct your clips with more exciting effects are on the way.

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