The Walking Dead: How long was Rick in a coma?


The Walking Dead: How long was Rick in a coma? Rick was in a coma for almost about four and five weeks according to former Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson. The main character was already in a coma prior to the setting of the show which means that the story of The Walking Dead kick-off not with the zombie outbreak, but with its MC coming out of a peculiar comatose state.

In the very first episode Of The Walking Dead, police officer Rick (MC) and his partner Shane were caught up in a shooting. Unfortunately, after being wounded in the shoulder, Officer Rick blacked out and lost consciousness. When he later woke up, he finds himself in a deserted old hospital. Sooner than later, he realizes that he had been in a coma. Rick, gets confused by the state hospital was in, tormented when he laid eyes on a zombie for the very first time. Rick was traumatized to discover that the city which he was living in called Atlanta had fallen into chaotic misery with zombies lurking around everywhere. He comes to know that his wife and son had already moved out of this mess and fled to the area with a group of potential survivors. As the series continues he gets a chance to encounter Morgan, Rick sets off to find his family somewhere out there waiting for him to be back.

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