Team Soul Finally Reveals it’s Mystical Lineup

A much-awaited lineup reveals for the Team Soul, which has now finally been announced on the’” S8UL” YouTube channel, a few hours ago. Every PUBG MOBILE Fan knows about Team Soul, and their legacy. They’ve conquered PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019, and PUBG MOBILE Club Open – Spring Split: India, which consequently lead their popularity skyrocketing in India and all around the PUBG MOBILE Community.


Their lineup was a mystery after the announcement of the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch. So without any further due let’s dive right into it!


Official Lineup for Team Soul 

1] Mortal (aka. Naman Mathur): This guy has everyone’s heart, the leading front of the most popular squad of the community, which has been part of some big tournaments, at home and worldwide. Although the e-sports Journey is still on, hoping over the fans’ excitement, who’s waiting for some great M16A4 clutches? DP reloads, this man is ready to calmly knock, every enemy in his way. This guy is an all-rounder, once again his an assaulter, and another second he can snipe, and get great headshots, and also can enter frag for teammates. His In-Game-Leading has an era, establish. “The Heal Battle Clutcher”, and “The Mastermind”- SOUL MORTAL.

2] Scout (aka. Tanmay Singh): From dreaming of representing India in the Football-to acquiring the second position in the PMWL, this man has refined the game. Ruling like a true warrior, clung-hunting for kills, this guy changed the scenario for all and made everyone up the game. His dedication towards the game is real, he knows his objectives, he knows his skills, he knows his ways, and he knows how to conquer! Sneaking and flanking over the enemies, well he still says,” Koi RokKeTohDikhaye”. Please welcome our one and only- SOUL SCOUT.

 3] Regaltos (aka. Parv Singh): This Young-gun, covering all the milestones is hustling to get over the top, where we just think of reaching. His calmness heights the aggression, then gets charged up in every intense situation, be at any map, his laser sprays with M416, have always been a pleasure to watch. This is the time to resume the pulling up the victories, once again. Put your hands together, for- SOUL REGALSTOS.

4] Viper (aka. YashPareshSoni): A man’s is useless, without thumb, the power of thumb supports-everything which is in our hands. Support from the thumb player, has always been strong and trustworthy, one of the best thumb-players of the community. He has clutched many chicken-dinners for the team, well he loves driving on the maps, as he says he doesn’t drive cars, he flies with them. The best driver, always calling for the cover, our one and only- SOUL VIPER.

 5] Mavi (aka. Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh): A leader is one, who empowers the team, and this guy lead the team to the second position in PMWL. His strategy, goes with his way of dealing with the situation, and his way to get a powerful position into the safe zone. The In-Game-Leader (IGL) GOD, for a reason, no matter if he has a gun in his hand, or a grenade, or a pan, after-all he will clutch with everything, as he is “The Man of Golden Hand”, his lucks boosts up the golden-arm, and the grenades land in the right spot. Please welcome none other then- SOUL MAVI.

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