Are you ready to go to space? Get ready! Because next year on-wards, Space Tourism will be possible. People go to different countries for vacation time, but from next year you can go to space on a vacation as well. And most importantly, you wouldn’t need to undergo any training, No need to become an astronaut to make this possible.

How will it be possible? Who will make it possible? And how expensive will it be? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Let’s Dive in!

How will it be possible?

Some people are making it possible, first billionaire Richard Branson the owner of the virgin group, His space tourism company is named Virgin Galactic, Second the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos he owns a space Tourism Company which is named Blue Origin, and third, Elon Musk the owner of Tesla, his space company is named SpaceX.

There was a neck-to-neck competition between the first two people, [i.e. Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos] to see discover would be the first man in the world to go to space in their rocket. Jeff Bezos had announced that he would do this on 20th July.

After that, Richard Branson, who had originally planned to attempt this project a few months later he pre-opened his plan. Richard Bronson carried out this experiment a few days ago, on 11th July. With two pilots and three other crew members, he got into his Unity Spacecraft, The spacecraft flew into the sky, leaving Jeff Bezos behind he became the world’s first man to go to space in his spaceship.

Who will make it possible?

It’s very fascinating to get to know the technical details of this feat. Because of the sole reason that he wasn’t in a rocket that’s launched from a Launchpad. It’s not anything like how you see in films or like astronauts usually travel, in a rocket. Instead, it was a kind of an airplane in others words you can call it a ‘Space Plane’ because it went into space. What happened was, it was found that there is a big plane on the runaway which could be called as the ‘Mother Aircraft’, this smaller Space Plane is attached named as “Unity”. Initially, both planes take off from the runaway together because they’re attached and when it reached around 50,000 feet altitude, this Unity Space Plane Detaches from the Mother Aircraft. And then at supersonic speed, faster than the speed of sound, it travels towards the space.

Talking about going into space, means reaching above 88 Km above the earth’s surface. If you look out of the window at that height, you’d get to see the curvature of the Earth. At this height, the passengers of the plane can experience weightlessness. But the unfortunate thing is, that this plane doesn’t remain at that height for long.

The weightlessness can be experienced for only 4 minutes on this Virgin Galactic flight. After that, this plane starts its descend, and lands on the runway like a normal airplane. It takes only an hour to complete this journey, and the part from detaching of the Space Plane, reaching the top of landing back takes only 15 minutes. So the conclusion is that it’s not a very long journey to go on.

Richard Branson Live-Streamed his test flight on the internet.

 Another interesting thing is, among the six crew members, one was an Indian-born woman, Sirisha Bandia. This incident is historic for so many reasons even though, Richard Branson wasn’t the first private civilian to go to space. Dennis Tito, an American entrepreneur had paid $20 million to be able to sit with the astronauts in the rocket to fly to the International Space Station and stay for 8 Days. It was different because he was going with the astronauts in an actual rocket. 

What will be the cost?

The price of one ticket of the Virgin Galactic’s flight will be $250,000. In Indian currency, it’ll cost around Rs.2 crore- 2.5 crores. 

Six hundred people have already reserved tickets for next year, which includes some famous names among them. Like Justin Bieber and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

They are expecting a full commercial service by 2022, and Richard Branson says that eventually, the price will be lowered. When more people will start using it, he reportedly said that the price of the ticket may be as slow as $40,000, which is around Rs.30 Lakh- 35 Lakh.

Today it is not something that a common man can afford, but once it starts maybe 10 or 15 years down the line, normal people will also be able to afford it.

On the other hand, we don’t know the exact price of the ticket for Jeff Bezos’s spacecraft yet. But one ticket was auctioned in June, which was sold for $28 Million. The same happened with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, where one ticket was auctioned that sold for a staggering price of $55 Million. But it’s a bit different from the other spacecraft because they’re using proper rockets. Elon Musk’s flight could take you to the International Space Station to travel.

The ticket cost includes the training and on-flight accommodation.

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