‘JONATHAN GAMING’ Coming Back With 1.85+ Lakh Watching On YouTube

 ‘JONATHAN GAMING’ Making a Stunning Come Back With 1.85+ Lakh Watching On YouTube 

A Professional Esports Athlete, know for his exceptional performances in Pubg Mobile Championships, dominating with the highest number of kills in-game.

"Tapa Tap Bolte", "Hacker or What", "Hacker Bolte", his famous dialogues are known all over the Indian PUBG Community and Fans.  

JONATHAN GAMING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GQ6ieBsi7E

Jonathan Amaral, born September 21, 2002, an 18yrs old, who currently plays for TSM-Entity Pubg Lineup and has over 2.32 Million subscribers is one of the Most Famous Indian Esports players with a large number of fan following for his exceptional gameplay in PUBG Mobile which is now Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Jonathan is well known for his epic long-range sprays and his deadly close combat jiggling staggeringly amazing which makes him nearly unbeatable when it comes to close-range combats. Being consistent in overtopping the Kill leader-boards in various official tournaments.

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