How are the WWE matches scripted?

How are the WWE matches scripted? The term “scripted” isn’t completely correct, “predetermined” is the more accurate concept here.

Promos however, the act of a performer speaking, in WWE is conceptually “Scripted”, but there’s no teleprompter or cue card person therefore the talking points are memorized before going down towards the ramp and performing. So there’s a bit improvisation there, as long as the important talking points are covered and on brand, that’s all that matters for the producers.


For the matches themselves, there’s a pre-meeting that takes place before showtime, and that’s where performers are told what the goals of every match are done. Who’s dropping of gaining a belt, to whom, and how. Who’s winning and losing, to whom, and how. Depending upon on the match, there might be some notes on required “spots” (moments / actions) that are required to be accomplished before the matches “finish” takes place.

Just before heading down the ramp walk, the performers are typically told about how much period of time they have to work with before they could leave, sometimes it’s half-hour, sometimes it’s 20 second squash. Depending on the criteria about hows and the who’s went over or under time constraints.

A main part of the Referee’s entire job is to make certain the performers are relayed upon the information about what the producers are looking for in the whole performance. which is to make the match shorter or longer, if there’s a particular reaction taking place.

On the other hand, its up to the performers to communicate with each other in real time and react to the audience. This part is all improvisation by the WWE Super Stars.

However, it's up to the performers involved. The Rock notoriously liked choreographing entire matches all the way down to the last minutia, that’s just how he worked best.

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