Google esteems the ‘Founder of the Paralympic Movement’ Ludwig Guttmann with a scribble

Google honors Sir Ludwig Guttmann a German doctor, born on July 3, 1899, a British neurologist who established the Paralympic Games in England. He is known to be one of the founding fathers of orderly-managed physical activities for people who have any kind of disability.

Paralympic athletes are rightfully acknowledged today, for their skills and accomplishments in various games and events. It is an outcome of his efforts that right now, Paralympic athletes are recognized for his or her talents/abilities and achievements. The Paralympic (events) games continue to be the inspiring force of promoting the independence of the people with disabilities and rights, with an ever-lasting impact on treating equally with equal opportunities.

Ludwig Guttmann interestingly was a Jewish doctor who fled Nazi Germany just before the Second World War started. In early 1939, Ludwig Guttmann and his family had to leave Germany because the Nazis, ill-treated the Jewish people in the country by oppressing race or political or religious beliefs. Guttmann was able to escape to England safely and advanced his research in paraplegia.

In 1944, he finally decided to put his innovative approach into practice as the national (Spinal) Injuries Center director at Hospital Stoke Mandeville. Then in 1948, he organized an archery contest which was conducted with 16-person, it was one of the first official competitive sporting events for wheelchair individuals. Later it was known as the “Stoke Mandeville Games” or the “Olympics for the (Disabled) Handicapped,” the competition has displayed the power of professional sport to break down barriers for the handicapped people with disabilities and which garnered the attention of global medical and sporting organizations/communities.

In the year 1961, Ludwig Guttmann founded the International Medical Society of Paraplegia, which is now the International Spinal Cord Society (Iscos); Guttmann was the inaugural president of the society, a position that he obtained and was held until 1970.
He later becomes the first editor of the journal, which had adequate detail about Paraplegia(now named as Spinal Cord). Gutmann decided to retire from clinical work in 1966 but continued his involvement with the sporting contests.

  After he took retirement, ‘Poppa G’ (Aka. Ludwig Guttmann) as he was affectionately known to those closest to him, and turned into horticulture. He slowly once grew a massive amount of broccoli in his back garden and was acknowledged for the mangetout wall. Guttmann suffered a severe case of a heart attack in October 1979 and deceased on March 18, 1980, at the age of 80. He’s still remembered by many people across the globe for his achievement in establishing the ‘Paralympic games’ which turned is still in practice today.

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