Google Chrome is ready to update a Serious HTTPS Security Protocol


Chrome is trying to make sure that your time online on the browser to be more secure and efficient.

The users of Google Chrome will be able to soon get online more safely than ever before, carrying out an announcement of a crucial security upgrade to the browser which is used by billions of consumers for different purposes, and this upgrade will redefine that time on Google even more smooth and worthwhile.

Recently Mozilla announced that Firefox will be a move to an HTTPS-only mode service, and Google has now walked into the footsteps of Mozilla by announcing that Chrome is getting a new HTTPS-First Mode confirmed by official resource.

The feature can be tested the right way in beta form but originally it is scheduled to release in September. This new feature will attempt to create a connection to a site using the HTTPS Protocol, if this fails then Chrome will show a full-screen warning that the connection is not secure with the site. Google Officials say that HTTPS-First Mode will be optional for the user to begin with, but it can hopefully become the default depending upon the feedback they receive.

The ones who are using the Canary build of Chrome 93 could try out HTTPS-First Mode right away. You can start by heading to Chrome://flags/#https-only-mode-setting, activating the flag, and restarting the browser once will put in use. And now if you visit settings in Chrome, then you might find a new always use secure connections option available in advanced security settings in Google Chrome.

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