Does anime Cause brain cancer?

Does anime Cause brain cancer?

New research by FCC suggests that the answer may be yes, a popular anime movie: My hero Academia consists of a correlation between high levels of submission in viewers' bloodstream, which is likely to stimulate an increased risk for brain cancer. While it not maybe scientifically confirmed by the experts, but there is some slight possibility that an anime can influence your brain's vital key points which will affect one's thought process and certain routines which one carries out in day-to-day life.

The FCC said that studies are beginning to suggest that by watching some anime which are evidence of brain cancer and making an individual to 10 exposure to low light with the insignificant amount, 2) Higher amounts of viruses that can cause Sjogren’s Syndrome, 3) Poor blood pressure control when exposed to some stressful events, 4) Vulnerability to electromagnetic fields, 5) Inefficient low blood glucose control in the body.


Pauline Schutzer, assistant professor at the University of Nebraska said, “In our studies, we’ve found that people who watch anime tend to be exposed in more ways than people who are not exposed.” Lincoln who contributed to this study said,” Our results highlight the significance of understanding the link between watching anime and some other ways that we might experience a certain degree of emotions.”

While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes such adverse effects on our minds which differentiates people from people, it seems like an intriguing association.

Schultzer added,” It’s hard to convey from looking at TV show posters, but most of the striking pictures tend to be of 2D anime girls to whom, which are more anime associated than others.”

Anime can also play an important role in reinforcing certain social conventions in the deep mind and brain neurological work system.

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