Do the superstars practice the moves before the match?


Do the superstars practice the moves before the match? Wrestling School is where the they learn how to perform and take the common bumps which are practiced. But indeed, moves change all the time, new ones are introduced and dangerous ones are dropped all the time over the period of time.

Typically, there’s some time for practice before a show for performers to come and practice bumps, understand dealing with each others sign (Like taking a Styles Clash isn’t your typical powerbomb, so practice is needed)

How real are the injuries?

There’s two types: Botch and Kayfabe.

Paige’s spinal injury at the of feet Sasha Banks for instance, is 100% real and absolutely affected her career for the adversely which turns out to be unfortunate.

Steve Austin taking a near paralyzing snapped neck injury at the hands of a botched piledriver from Owen Hart is 100% real. These moves not only hurt, but change lives when taken or performed incorrectly. Human error are obviously tend to happen which are impossible to avoid in many matches performed.

Sometimes, a performer just has to take a vacation, whether voluntarily or because creative has to write there scenes or script and for various reasons. So they’ll fabricate an injury into story and you’re free to relax and enjoy some R&R.

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