Crayon Shin-chan: New Game ‘Summer Vacation’ looks Astonishing

Crayon Shin-chan: New Game ‘Summer Vacation’ looks Astonishing

The newly launching Crayon Shin-chan’s upcoming Adventure game, named Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi – Owaranai Nanokakan no Tabi, which translates as Shin-chan: Summer vacation of Ora and Hakase – Every time I don’t finish, officially will be released on July, 15th 2021, in Japan on the Nintendo Switch, which is only 3 days away from now.

The Game follows you through the journey of the Nohara family as they are on a summer-break vacation in Kyushu. Even though Shin-chan is in a different prefecture, the Majority of his new friends in Kyushu look similar to his classmates back at home. Moreover, Shin-chan is given a strange camera by a mysterious old man which can be used to take pictures and make a picture diary of his summer vacation. Catching insects or rare fish, collecting various wildlife also helps him to fill up his journal, Shin-chan can be featured in a newspaper by carrying out the tasks available in the game.

The evil professor turns out to be the local mad scientist, Dr. Aku, and the camera which was handed over to Shin-chan can turn memories into pictures. Shin-chan uses the magical camera to document his family’s vacation time in his diary.

The Player’s mission is to fill the summer vacation with special moments, which is achieved by accomplishing various missions/tasks, such as helping out the townspeople, catching insects, catching rare fish, or going fishing.

Graphics of the game can be seen in the new trailer, with Asso’s many fields and locals visually beautiful in a cell-shaded style. The game includes a fixed camera perspective which highlights the amazing aesthetics which are prepossessing.

There isn’t any word on the English release of the game worldwide yet, but for the time being, the Japanese version of the Crayon Shin-chan: Summer vacation of Ora and Hakase – Every time I don’t finish, will be released on July 15th.

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