BIMARIYAN: Featuring Rohit Zinjurke and Nita Shilimkar New Music Video 2021

 BIMARIYAN: Featuring Rohit Zinjurke and Nita Shilimkar New Music Video 2021

Preetinder, a Punjabi singer releasing his new song, "Bimariyan" Featuring Rohit Zinjurke and Nita Shilimkar has been a big hit on popular video sharing platform YouTube with over 2.6 million views. Zinjurke is playing Shilimkar's boyfriend in the music video, Obessessing over her girlfriend, he finds it difficult to achieve her trust facing issues as other guys hit on her in front of her.

Starting off the music video with Rohit Zinjurke bringing in a luxurious car Ferrari model, meeting his girlfriend at a Five Star hotel or avenue created for celebrity star models. A guy proposes to her with a rose bending on his knees, Rohit showing his anger issues kicks the guy in the shoulder acting crowd, portrayed with a very classic nuisance gratifying his nature in front of her girlfriend. Later when she enters the hotel and gets a postcard, calls him back but he seems to ignore her calls multiple times. Showing tantrums when she calls her again and cuts it off showing her disapproval which is enjoyable for the teenagers of India who love seeing drama between couples.

Many romantic scenes are quite enjoyable for the audience and very subtle with sharing drinks, eating dinner together at an exotic location. Dressed very casually and styled out by professionals. 

Official Music Video:


Anshul Garg presents Bimariyan by Preetinder ft. Rohit Zinjurke & Nita Shilimkar .

Singer: Preetinder
Music: Rajat Nagpal
Lyrics/Composition: Vicky Sandhu
Mastered by Naweed at Whitfield Mastering
Featuring: Rohit Zinjurke & Nita Shilimkar

Producer - Anshul Garg

Video Director - Nitish Raizada
Video Supervisor - Raghav Sharma
Dop - Shinda Singh
Project Manager - Piyush Chandak
Choreographer - Sumit
Editor - Gaurav k Mehra
DI & Colorist - Onkar Singh
Art Director - Pinky Art
Production - Kuldeep Productions
Makeup - Rajan Passi
Hairstylist - Harry
Still Photographer - Piyush Gautam & Simran Ubhi
Styled by - Outro by Akshita & Angelika
Assistant Directors- Kevin Thakur & Lovepreet Mahal
Assistant editor- Sahil Mehra
Clothing Partner- Lovegen
Artwork - Vicky Sandhu
Distribution - Believe Digital
Promotions - Underdog Digital

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